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Why Choose Spotlight?
Spotlight will file your Corporation
Register your New Business with the Business Credit Bureaus
Then Build your Company's Credit up to $50,000 Guaranteed!
1)  We check to see if the Desired Company Name you want is Available & notify you ASAP              
2)  We can File your LLC for *FREE or $295 + State fees  *Call for Details            

3)  Your LLC will be "Business Credit Ready" includes your Dun & Bradstreet Duns # for FREE


4)  Includes a Yellow Pages & 411 Business Listings       So lenders can locate your New Company


5)  All Filings include your Business EIN# at No Charge                       


Spotlight will use your EIN and DUNS # to establish Business Credit in your Company's name


Common uses for Small Business Credit include:

Credit Cards, Working Capital, Business Lines of Credit, Equipment and Vehicle Finance, Fuel, Vendor and Retail Store Credit, Expansion, Emergency Funds etc.

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What our Clients Say about Building Credit with Spotlight

Spotlight Funding Reviewed by Tony Beaman
Great Service, Straight Forward
Knoledgeable & Quick
Spotlight Business Credit has been a huge help for me and creating and growing business credit for my company. They have unbelievable resources to point you in the right direction of getting the necessary funding resources for your business, but more importantly to ensure that your personal credit and business credit are separated. Most people have no idea how to create a strong Paydex score for your business - Spotlight can do it for you and show you very cool "tricks" to make your business very fundable!
-TrustPilot Review
Spotlight Funding Reviewed by Patrick Wingate
These Guys are the Real Deal!
I was a little skeptical when I first approached Spotlight Funding for help w/ establishing my business' credit. It seemed to good to be true. But I went through the steps any way since I had nothing to lose. Wells Fargo turned my business down for a line of credit. So, now I'm a few months in the process and everything they said came true as far as what to expect. I'm a believer now and I'm working on a few more credit lines. I'm excited to take my company to the next level. Thanks Spotlight Funding!
-TrustPilot Review
Spotlight Funding Reviewed by Johnny Butler
Great Company to work with!
I have started out building my business credit with Spotlight Funding. So let me start by saying I am from Texas and to be honest I researched Spotlight Funding for about 3 weeks before I called them. Yes I was a little sceptical to send money to a company I never heard of, but after research and talking with them I said what the heck and gave it a try. Now it's been 2 months almost 3 and Spotlight has did everything that they have stated in our conversation, within almost 3 months I have 6 business trade lines that is active an open, so far i have had nothing but success following this program. Folks if you are sceptical...you shouldn't be, they are very trustworthy and reliable, they have always been there when I call them with questions. They have been a pleasure to work with and I cant wait until I reach the end, and I will keep you guys posted! this have truly been the best money I've ever spent! thanks spotlight funding!!!...
-TrustPilot Review
Spotlight Funding - Irvine California Offices
Get to know us
Spotlight funding is a Southern California based company about 2 blocks away from Google's location in Irvine.  Spotlight funding proudly serves United States Small Businesses.  Our company is designed to help small businesses be competitive in today's business world by filing Corporations with each State then accessing business credit working capital and funding that your competitors can access.
We specialize in building Corporate Credit.  Understanding that most small business owners have damaged their personal credit in the process of starting their business. Other business owners want to protect their good credit by separating their business finances from their personal finances.  This is definitely a smart move.

Spotlight Funding has created a fast & simple Solution.  We build credit that is separate from your personal credit.  Our solution does not require the use of your Good or Bad Credit!  That is the best part.

Business credit is essential to the growth and stability of every company. We will assist in the development of your corporate credit profile and match up your needs with lenders that are looking to give funding to businesses like yours.

We look forward to meeting all of your Corporate Credit expectations and helping your business grow. As experts and business professionals Spotlight Funding will facilitate this process for you.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm PST
Toll Free         +1 (800) 991-3424
Fax                        (949) 340-5779
Email:        info@spotlightfunding.com
Orange County, CA 92612